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Denver Cannabis Events Raising Funds for Cancer

Sensi Mag’s 420 Kick Off Party

Last week, on April 14th we were invited to attend Sensi Magazine’s 420 Kick Off Party where businesses and people within the cannabis community got together and celebrated legal cannabis. Flower for Hope was fortunate to get a wonderful booth at the event, where people from all over the country stopped by and said hello. What a spectacular sight to see, so many people interested and willing to support our cause! Sensi Magazine is a pro-cannabis lifestyle publication that speaks to a general-interest reader. They host these events every few months, and it’s a great way to get your business out there and see what others are up to. It was a wonderful opportunity for Flower for Hope to be the only cannabis non-profit represented that night. We were able to spread the word about our cannabis for cancer nonprofit to an audience of about 3000 people, from business owners, to casual users, to folks just wanting to see what the cannabis industry is all about.

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Quest Concentrates Launch Party

At the Sensi Night we met with the team from Quest Concentrates, a high quality extraction company making incredible concentrates from Live Resin, Live Sugar, Shatter, and Live Budder. Outside of being an outstanding concentrate company, Quest Concentrates believes in giving back to the community through philanthropic activities. On Saturday 4/22, QC invited Flower for Hope to their 4/20 Launch Party and asked us to be the charity of choice for their raffle ticket sales! We were so honored to be there and excited to see all of the people at the event interested in our cause. That night we were able to raise enough funds to sponsor 4 women to get a Medical Cannabis Evaluation and MMJ card. We met so many beautiful individuals who saw the importance of our cause and who wanted to become a part of our cannabis for cancer non-profit. There is a cure out there, and we are on a mission to find it!!! Thank you Quest Concentrates!

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