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Hope, Cannabis, and Cancer.

Hope, Cannabis, and Cancer.

A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to meet with a very inspiring young lady by the name of Virginia, Vicky for short. She is a 22 year old single mother who just recently found out on April 17th that she is cancer free after being diagnosed with cervical cancer.
Vicky lives in Texas, and for the last several months she has been quietly fighting cervical cancer, only her direct family and 1 or 2 very close friends knew about it. One of the main reasons she didn’t reveal her cancer to the rest of her family was because she chose not to undergo chemo therapy like the rest of her family who had cancer in the past. Instead, she chose to fight her cervical cancer with a complete change of diet and through the use of cannabis.

When Vicky was in basic training for the Navy in Chicago, IL she was sent into the hospital because of excessive bleeding. She mentioned to me that her period cycle had always been off, but that it was causing her extreme amounts of pain and the bleeding would just not stop. When she went in to get an exam, she was given the news that she had an abnormal number of cells in her cervix and she was sent home to “recover.” The military doctors didn’t give her any more information than that. Leaving worried and confused Vicky sought additional medical assistance. It was then confirmed that she had cancerous cells in her cervix. She was only 21 years old and had so much to live for. For months she couldn’t eat, she was always tired but couldn’t sleep, and began to wonder what was going to become of her life.

Vicky knew right away she did not want to go through chemo therapy and radiation. At first her family didn’t understand why. Her mom had even bought her a ticket to fly out to a cancer treatment center. The day we met her, we asked her why she didn’t want to go through chemo. We asked her what her greatest fear about going through that sort of treatment was. Her answer, losing the battle. Cancer has been in her family since she could remember. Her grandparents to her aunts and uncles on both sides of her family had cancer, and only one of them survived chemo therapy and radiation treatment. She said she felt more at risk going through traditional treatment than without. Soon after her diagnosis Vicky began doing her own research on natural cancer treatments and read a few testimonials about people completely changing their diet habits and using marijuana as cancer remedy. She told us she was skeptical because she was never a cannabis user, but if her life depended on it, she was willing to give it a shot.

With the change to a vegan diet, juicing, taking natural supplements and regularly vaping a 1:1 ratio THC-CBD vape pen, Vicky was able to get back to a more normal state. She was eating healthier, feeling more energized and her overall physical and mental health began to rejuvenate. Within 9 months Vicky was diagnosed as cancer free. still, there is much research to be done. so far, studies are proving that cannabis can be an effective medicine in reducing if not eliminating the growth of cancerous cells, along with stimulating appetite, improving sleep, easing pain and nausea and promoting a more positive, less anxious state of mind.

Vicky was honored to share her story with us and hopes that more people will discover the medicinal benefits of using cannabis for cancer.

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